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What to Look For When Buying Women’s Sundresses

What to Look For When Buying Women’s Sundresses

By Lori Meyers

Summer has officially come. Whether you are living in the suburbs or in the city, preparing your wardrobe for the warm days coming ahead must start today. One important item you should put on your summer shopping list is a good set of women’s sundresses. With a good sundress easily complements summer accessories, which allows you to go from casual to chic. Summer is the season where women can explore adventurous styles that are comfortable and affordable.

Women’s sundresses are woman’s summer essentials. They never go out of style. From season to season, we see designer houses featuring their updated versions of sundresses in the catwalk. From a wide selection of fabric, cut and style, achieving the perfect summer look is easiest with a perfect sundress.

Of the many colors and styles available for women’s sundresses, nothing beats a classic white sundress. Although white has recently been accepted as a winter shade, it is and will always be associated with summer. For one thing, all white fabrics effectively reflect sunlight. This property makes white sundresses cool and airy. In addition, the color white goes with everything. I can go with any style or color of shoes as well as accessories. White is perhaps the only color that complements all skin tones, which makes it easy for any woman to decide that a tie-shoulder straps, racerbacks, knee or calf-length, strapless or halter sundress is worth a try. The good news is that there are wide assortments of white, fashionable but cheap sundresses that are released in time for the summer season.

Although white is agreeable to most women, it does not need to be plain and dull. Look for fun and flirty accents. Ribbons, embroideries, patches and structured print could make a white sundress a knockout. Of course, if you decide to go for white women’s sundresses, don’t forget to wear it with a nude or white bra under.

Among the fashionable women’s sundresses, cotton sundresses reign supreme. Affordable and comfortable, it offers a wide range of designs to choose from. Compared to other fabrics, cotton holds more freedom to carry printed, vintage, patterned and structured themes with grace in every piece of sundress. Hence, cotton makes an excellent taste for stylish but cheap sundresses.

For those who wanted to wear color in time for the summer season, playful women’s sundresses also come in colors such as bright strawberries, tangerines, lemons and lime. Women can also go for a variety of floral prints and geometric patterns, which are perfect for summer vacations, cruises and trips. For those who are hitting the beach this summer, a sundress can double as a bikini cover up giving them the convenience of wearing one cool outfit that is appropriate for visiting tourist spots or lounging by the beach.

A sundress can go from spaghetti straps, tank straps to no straps. The materials range from cotton fabric, unlined silk to chiffon. The fabrics and cuts are always light and cool, usually with nice crisp cotton or unlined flowing fabric. It is also done in light palettes of colors; bright and tropical patterns are equally fashionable. Choose the cut and color that complements your skin tone, your shape and your mood. The best sundresses do not have to be the most expensive. They just need to fit right and feel right.

Lori Meyers is an expert fashion blogger. Her experience as a fashion trend analyst has given her many opportunities to explore the fashion world. Check out what she does online on Women’s Sundresses

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Fashionable White Sundresses

Fashionable White Sundresses

By Lori Meyers

White sundresses are great for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding you have to go to, a party, an engagement or even your own wedding, sundresses are beautiful and are original and pretty when in white. White sundresses are available in many different styles so you are sure to find something that suits you perfectly. Some of them can be long, ankle length or they can be as short as a mini skirt. It’s all up to you to decide what style you prefer. You could even have a few white sundresses for different occasions if you find it difficult to choose just one dress.

An example of a lovely white sundress would be the one from Ella Moss called the Corsica Strapless Dress. This is a beautiful white sundress that can be elegant yet sexy at the same time. It sits just above the knee so it isn’t too short but it isn’t too long either. It has no straps so it fits nicely over the chest area and sits snugly on your body. Another example is the Eyelet Linen Sundress. This dress is made from a lightweight, fragile hanky-like material with features like contrast straps and hems. With an elastic back and elastic seam pockets you will have heads turning in your direction wherever you go. It should take you to just below your knee, so if you don’t like short dresses but still want to look good then this is the dress for you. It is feminine, made from 100% linen and is 36 inches in length.

If you are looking for something more business-like that you could wear for less casual occasions, then you should consider the Grey Ant Print Fallon Dress. With more of an eighties style, this dress is sure to make you get the promotion you have always wanted. The dress ends above the knee which gives it a very sexy look, but with the draw strings and long sleeves it looks more stylish than anything else. White is the perfect color. It is soft, but you can make it look gorgeous and prominent with the style. Even though this dress is in an eighties style, it is still very modern and looks absolutely wonderful.

With a white sundress you won’t have to worry about the function you have to attend and what you are going to wear as you can always add to the dress to make it suit the occasion. If it is a cold evening, you can wear your sundress with tights underneath and a stylish jacket, but then don’t forget the shoes will have to match too. There are so many white sundresses [http://www.squidoo.com/whitesundresses] for you to choose from, but make sure you have shoes to go with the dress. Sometimes really high shoes don’t look too good with the dress, but something more along the lines of sandals may look the part. You can never go wrong with a white sundress. You always have something to do and can always dress yourself up perfectly.

Lori Meyers writes numerous articles for websites on pets, gardening, parenting, and fashion. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on seasonal fashions, please visit her White Sundresses Blog [http://www.squidoo.com/whitesundresses].

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Stepping Out In A Sundress This Spring

Stepping Out In A Sundress This Spring

By Yael Meromy

Springtime has finally arrived after one of the longest-recorded winters ever! Finally, the last of the snow has melted, birds are chirping in the trees, trees are blossoming, flowers blooming, and it is sunny but not too hot. Spring is the perfect season for endless possibilities in inventive fashion design, and fashion school students, fashion merchandising experts and the likes will capitalize on the delight of new found sunshine. Women that love fashion and springtime should turn their attention toward filling their closets with sundresses to see and be seen in. Here are just a few examples of awesome sundresses for Spring of 2011.

1. The sheer maxi dress. While the maxi dress has come back into style several times over, it has never come back quite like this. The maxi dress is a perfect spring and summer fashion design trend. Long, loose and flowing, it allows room for your body to breathe in warmer weather. Combining the maxi dress with the sheer trend will allow even more breath ability. Additionally, it will give a racier, sexy look by showing off your legs under a veil of sheer fabric. The look will be sexy without coming off as too skimpy. That is the sheer beauty of the sheer maxi dress.

2. The tail-hem dress. An intriguing and captivating dress trend for the upcoming seasons is the tail-hem dress. Fashion design school students might allude to this trend under another name, like shirttail-hem, tapered hem or a cutaway dress, but all of the different names refer to the same thing: a dress with an uneven bottom hem that falls longer in the back than in the front. The result of this trend is an unexpected, playful style. The length from behind the dress exudes elegance, while the more revealing hem length in the front is subtly more sexy. The mimicking appearance of an un-tucked shirttail also gives off a casual vibe that fits the warmer seasons perfectly.

3. The sixties housewife dress. You can thank Betty Draper of the hit show Mad Men for this one. The sixties housewife look is back in a major way for spring and summer. This classy, old-fashioned look will also be a refreshing change from the ultra-modern, mini-skirt, chic look. Grab yourself a dress with a full, below-the-knee circle skirt, a cinched waist and a prim and proper bodice. To accentuate the style, choose a dress in a bright, cheerful color, or a loud floral print. Accessorize with glasses, neck scarves, kitten heels, handkerchiefs and bright lipstick. This look is a fun, themed, almost other-worldly fashion revival. Get into it!

Now that spring is finally here, you can wear all of the light, flowing dresses you’ve been dreaming about all winter long while you’ve been wrapped in cashmere and wool. Fashion college campuses in warm places (like FIDM in Los Angeles) will be filled with students wearing dresses that pop. Join the fun!

Interested in learning more about fashion design and seasonal trends? Visit fashion schools for more info.

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Choose Plus Size Sundresses That Flatter and Fit With These Tips

Choose Plus Size Sundresses That Flatter and Fit With These Tips

By Lori Meyers

There are more plus size sundresses on the market than at any other time in history. At last designers and manufacturers are beginning to respond to consumer demand for quality, trendy plus size sundresses that are vibrant and fashionable. Now you can find these chic outfits and add them to your own wardrobe.

One of the biggest changes noted in the newer plus size sundresses styles is the addition of more color. This has certainly been a welcome feature, because dark, drab shades have dominated this clothing market for decades. Bright, attractive prints are also being used to create trendy plus size sundresses in sizes 14-5X. Full figured women no longer have to settle for matronly looks thanks to the breezy, new summer styles that are now being sold.

There are a few tips that women should use when they are trying to purchase trendy plus size sundresses:

o Do not be afraid to shop around as you search for the latest summer styles. Many major retailers are now trying to add plus size outfits to their inventory. The largest selection of styles for women with full figures is still going to be available at stores that specialize in larger sizes however.

o Check out the new maxi-lounger fashions if you are hoping to find a versatile and fashionable plus size sundress. These are similar to the caftans that have been sold in the past, but they have been updated and restyled so that they rival any of the newer sundress styles. While this type of summer wear was created with an eye toward casual comfort, you can easily turn it into a sundress that can be worn for many events.

o Bold colors and prints add interest and sizzle to your look. You can find trendy plus size sundresses that include fabrics with zebra or leopard prints. When you opt for bolder looks like these you are generally choosing more fashionable summer wear. Too many women have been playing it safe with somber, muted colors. Celebrate your life and body by wearing these more vibrant and colorful plus size sundresses.

o Look for a plus size sundress that is complimentary to your figure. If you choose one with a style that is too voluminous it will prove to be overshadowing and dated.

o Lightweight material is a must, because this gives plus size sundresses the breezy, comfortable swing that makes these fashions so wearable.

o Larger sizes do not have to look like they came from your grandmother’s closet. Find the youthful, looks that make you happy. Now there are more options available when it comes to size ranges and dress length. Choose those that accent your body, not the ones that just provide neck to toe coverage. The lengths of the sundresses can be tailored to fit your height, because some plus size women do not want their lovely legs to be completely hidden from view.

o Trend plus size sundresses often have additional features such as beadwork or special detailing along the neck. This will flatter your face and these special details transform the dresses from bland to beautiful.

Lori Meyers writes numerous articles for websites on pets, gardening, parenting, and fashion. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on spring and summer fashion, please visit her Plus Size Sundresses Website.

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Stunning Plus Size Sundresses

Stunning Plus Size Sundresses

By Lori Meyers

Trendy Plus Size Sundresses

Plus size sundresses are no longer sold as loose fashionless dresses that try to hide and diminish curvy shapes. Instead, stylish and sexy sundresses emphasize full figures and offer an inexpensive way to upgrade a summer wardrobe for a plus size woman. Most women are not the same sizes as those found on the runways and fashion designers have begun to realize this and create designs that work to flatter plus size girls.

To buy plus size sundresses, women need to look for a cut that works well with their body type. Strapless sundresses are not likely to offer enough bust support for heavier breasted women, however smaller breasted women with thinner arms can pull off the look with a strapless bra. If a strapless design is chosen and a plus size woman does not feel comfortable completely exposing her arms a silk shrug can cover up the arms and make a plus size sundress dressy enough for wearing into the office. Curvy girls who don’t want to risk strapless can go for sleeveless plus size sundresses with shoulder straps of at least two inches thick to disguise bra straps.

When reviewing options to buy plus size sundresses women might want to buy a plus size sundress that has a plunging crossover neckline; because sundresses are tighter at the bust and looser past the waist this look will flatter a woman’s shape but pull attention away the stomach. Dresses with a high belt or sash under the waist also help make the torso look longer and balance out a curvy woman’s shape. Keyhole designs are flirty while plus size sundresses with rouching in the chest or waist can prevent a looser sundress from looking slouchy.

The length of a plus size sundress will go a long way into determining how comfortable the wearer is. To pull the eyes away from wider hips and thighs a sundress that hangs down past the knees or even to the ankles can be stylish and pretty. Plus size ladies that enjoy showing off their legs can make them look longer by choosing a length that hits slightly above the knees.

When it comes to colors and fabrics plus size sundresses can really be purchased for any occasion or any design. Women who want to buy plus size sundresses for parties and evening wear should look for silk materials for wrinkle resistance. Floral prints, geometric designs, ruffle styled sundresses. puffed sleeves and baby doll shapes look great for parties and events as high heels, handbags and quality jewelry will show off the plus size sundress in its best light.

For casual summer days, visits to the beach, running errands or just lying around, buy plus size sundresses in comfortable cotton designs. Polka dots, plaid and solid color designs are cheap enough that women can easily affordable several at a time. Paired with a sandal and loose hair or a ponytail plus size women can feel breezy and relaxed as they take care of errands, attend an outdoor casual party or cover up their bathing suit.

Lori Meyers writes numerous articles for websites on pets, gardening, parenting, and fashion. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on spring and summer fashion, please visit her Plus Size Sundresses Website.

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The Plus Size Gal’s Guide to Sundresses

The Plus Size Gal’s Guide to Sundresses
By Marissa Lindersom

Being a plus size gal hasPlus Size Sundress MidNight Black Cotton Empire Waist (Up to 5X Plus) a lot of disadvantages. Paying more for clothing is probably the biggest one. Lately though, I’ve noticed a trend that makes me smile; plus sizes are becoming more of the ‘norm’. Now I’m not smiling because plus sizes are better, I’m smiling because we are finally not relegated to “other” when it comes to clothes shopping. It used to be, when shopping in department stores, there were racks of clothes starting at size 4 and up to size 12, with maybe one or two size 16s thrown in the mix. Now it seems there are entire departments devoted to plus size clothing for men and women. It’s nice to be able to go into a store (or navigate to one, if you’re on the web) and see wide selection of dresses, my favorite, especially sun dresses. But how to pick a sundress that is flattering and fits well, may be more of a challenge. Here are some guidelines.

If you’re not comfortable with your arms, try a cap, or short, sleeve sundress. Cap sleeves come just over the shoulder, while short sleeves go just to mid arm.Plus Size Sundress White Cotton Empire Waist SunDress (Up to 5X Plus)

If you have a larger bust, v-necks will do the best job of minimizing the bust area. Stay away from any horizontal stripes, rich embellishments or ruffles on the top of the dress, instead draw the eye upwards or downwards with a sassy necklace or funky shoes.

Having problems with your bottom? An A-line skirt has the most flattering fit. With a gathered waist and a flare towards the hemline, A-lines mask problem areas while flattering the waistline.

No waist? Avoid tight fitting dresses and instead opt for flared skirts which gather slightly or lay flat against the hips before flaring out.Plus Size Sundress Purple Floral Print Maxi Dress JR Plus Size (Up to 4X)

If you’re comfortable with your arms and love the halter dress look, this style will complement almost any figure. If you’re not comfortable with your arms, then you won’t carry the dress well and will feel insecure, even if you have nothing to be insecure about.

Pair sundresses with pumps or sandals. Gladiator sandals go wonderfully with full skirts or short skirts. Don’t be intimidated by wearing a short skirt. If you’ve got the legs flaunt them. A lovely wedge sandal, can offset a gauzy sundress perfectly, be it short or long.Plus Size Sundress Casual Long Dress with Hand Painted Orchid (Up to XL)

When wearing a sundress, always remember that you’re a beautiful woman. A beautiful, confident woman can carry any dress she wishes and make it look fabulous.

Marissa is the foremost authority on plus size sundresses. Finding dress styles and trends is her mission in life. Her articles have been published in many blogs.
Marissa loves to write about dresses and you can find her wonderful site on sundresses for more information.

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Avenue Plus Size Hibiscus Print Smocked Waist Sundress (Up to Size 28)

Plus Size Sundress

Plus Size Sundress

Women's Long Casual Baliku Dress by 1 World Sarongs in Brown/Green Plus Size Sundress (up to XL)

Graphic Sublimation Knee Length Plus Size Sundress (up to 3X)

Women's Long Dress with Hand Painted Batik Hibiscus Design Plus Size Sundress up to X-Large

Sundresses – Helping a Woman Shine This Spring & Summer

Sundresses – Helping a Woman Shine This Spring & Summer
By Dexter N James

If I say that the best, cheapest, most comfortable and the coolest fashion apparel for a woman, this summer, is nothing but a classic, flexible, durable and the very, very special sundress, would you dare to deny it. Of course, no woman can have the courage to reject such a women’s clothing which comes with so many epithets that too in a single sentence.

So if you want to look sexier than ever and love to get dressed to kill then go out to the nearest women’s clothing store to buy a too ‘hot’ sundress. And then leave others (read men) keep burning in the heat of your ‘charm,’ and not in the same of sun, necessarily.

However, you have to be careful a lot while wearing this sundress. Otherwise, it’s ‘heat’ may fall back on you only to give your attractive personality some ‘fashion’ burns. Lets see how to look cute at you best. Here are the top sundresses for you, this summer.

Colorfully Comfortable: If you have just come out of the sea after bathing for hours and want to cover your body which gives you ventilation and comfort no other sundress can give then wait not to buy a mid-length sundress with floral prints. Definitely, a range of small floral prints suit greatly on a crisp white background. However, it can be found in many other colors too.

In order to look the most exciting and ‘coolest’ under the scorching sunlight, you can buy the latest mid-length sundress, touching the upper portion of your thighs, with a floral cut-out motif all round its neckline, beautiful side pockets and spaghetti straps . Though available in all type of fabric, such mid-high sundress made of cotton is still the ultimate choice. Definitely a suitable beachwear for short-height ladies with athletic legs.

Go Georgette Way: Choosing a sundress made of georgette fabric makes you one of those who believe in wearing innovative fashion apparel all the time. Being one of the most lightweight and ventilated fabric, georgette becomes a natural choice to make some comfortable sundresses, though for slim figures only. They are available in various colors suitable for summer.

Most sought after georgette sundresses are those which come with a skirt and a top. Definitely, there cozy touch has made them the latest rage this summer 2009. If you love to look bold then you can wear one without any extra lining of fabric from its inner side, otherwise buy a georgette sundress which comes with an added inner.

Tropically Green: If you love to wear nature then what could be better than donning a Hawaiian sundress, this summer while you roam around the seashores. They are green, they are colorful, they are cool and gracefully bold. Moreover, Hawaiian sundresses come in all the designs and types you can think of and suit all the body types.

There are Hawaiian short spaghetti strap sundresses, Hawaiian tube top sundresses, Hawaiian short tank sundresses, Hawaiian mid-length tunic sundresses, Hawaiian tropical print sundresses, Hawaiian halter strap sundresses, etc.

FashionProducts.com is a trusted online B2B marketplace for online fashion traders. Check out a series of Womens Clothing for all seasons here.

Dexter James is an expert fashion blogger. His experience as a fashion trend analyst has given him ample chances to explore the fashion world. Check out what he does online on Exploring Fashion.

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Gorgeous Plus Size Sundresses

Sundresses for Full-Figured Women

Finding fashionable, yet casual summer attire can be stressful for any woman. For women in the plus size range, this stress can become overwhelming. Feminine curves are easily lost in a sea of fabric, as designers often forget that larger women also need to flaunt their figures. Moo-moo’s have long been the stereotyped attire of a woman with more substance than an average runway model. Luckily, hiding behind clothing tailorePlus Size Sundress MidNight Black Cotton Empire Waist (Up to 5X Plus)d for your great-grandmother is no longer the only option. For hot summer days at the beach, fashionable and trendy sundresses have been created in plus-sized lines that will flatter every inch of your body, letting your femininity outshine the sun’s rays.

Being a larger sized woman doesn’t mean you can’t wear the same dress styles as thinner women. TherePlus Size Sundress White Cotton Empire Waist SunDress (Up to 5X Plus) are some styles, though, that will have you looking more fabulous than others. Avoid choosing baggy dresses as they can make you appear much larger than you actually are. Own your beautiful body! Sundresses are unique in that they are usually made of lightweight fabric. Be sure to plan for the natural stretch of these fabrics as the day wears on so that you aren’t looking frumpy as the night begins. Also beware of the laundering needs of each particular dress, as certain fabrics may shrink or become damaged over the course of normal laundering.

Sundresses come in a variety of necklines, but the most flattering for a larger woman is usually a seductive, plunging v-neck. This cut draws attention away from less flattering areas and flaunts your feminine wiles. If you’re more modest, however, there are options that provide more coverage around the cleavage area. Try several different styles to see which most makes you feel spectacular. Remember, what’s most important is that you know you look stunning!

Because sundresses are Plus Size Sundress Purple Floral Print Maxi Dress JR Plus Size (Up to 4X)designed for, you guessed it, sun, a glowing tan will accentuate any flirty style. Spray tans are increasingly popular, and provide the same effects as natural sunlight, but without exposure to damaging UV rays. However, any type of glowing skin will add to the seductive effect of your sundress.

Be cautious of dresses that are made of thin fabric. If the fabric is thin enough to show the outlines of your legs, you should consider opting for a slip or a thicker material. See-through fabric can take the focus away from your more lovely areas and draw the eyes to an area you may consider to be less than stellar. APlus Size Sundress Casual Long Dress with Hand Painted Orchid (Up to XL)lso consider a simple pattern or solid color for your dress, as noisy patterns can often lend a wider appearance to your body shape.

With standard plus sized fashion lines sporting higher price tags than most, plus size sundresses are not only a fashionable option, but are also inexpensive. Oftentimes, these dresses can be purchased for half the cost of an average department store outfit.

With the right fit and cut for your body type, a sundress can become your new best friend. So feel confident and sexy as you walk along the beach this summer, knowing that you look as wonderful as you feel!


Avenue Plus Size Hibiscus Print Smocked Waist Sundress (Up to Size 28)

Plus Size Sundress

Plus Size Sundress

Women's Long Casual Baliku Dress by 1 World Sarongs in Brown/Green Plus Size Sundress (up to XL)

Graphic Sublimation Knee Length Plus Size Sundress (up to 3X)

Women's Long Dress with Hand Painted Batik Hibiscus Design Plus Size Sundress up to X-Large

Choosing the Perfect Sundress for You

When shopping for a sundress there are a few tips you will want to keep in mind to find that perfect dress for you.

First, what color is right for you ? Depending on your skin color (dark or light) and your hair color, certain colors will look better than others. Blonds tend to look good in red, dark skinned women shine in white and lighter colors whereas light skinned people should avoid white and lighter colors. You will want to try on a few different colors at home and have a look in the mirror before choosing which color you think looks best on you. Further, keep in mind that darker colors absorb sun and tend to be hotter. So depending on whether you like the heat or not, this should affect your color choice as color also affects the temperature of the dress.

Second is the fabric. This too affects the comfort and temperature. Cotton is a popular choice as it can keep you cool since it’s a breathable fabric. However, one cannot forget how great silk and satin feel against the skin, not to mention how great they look. Once again you may want to try some dresses on at home first to see how the different materials feel against your skin and whether or not they are comfortable.

Finally there is the style of the dress. There are short, long (maxi dress), halter, strapless, empire waist etc. So many different cuts and styles to choose from all designed to help you maximize your assets and minimize that which you wish to be concealed. Find out which style or cut looks best on you before you go shopping.

All dresses have a return policy so feel free to buy a few you think are good for you and return those which don’t look so good. Shop hassle free and enjoy the beach or where ever you are going !

How to Choose a Sundress That Flatters Your Figure — powered by eHow.com

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